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Of Course, I Would

Audrey had always had a secret ever since the accident happened. She never thought it would bother her as she waited for the day that she would graduate from highschool, leave, never turn back, forget everyone, change her identity again, and be able to come home and see her grandmother and brother again. Until the day that the golden boy of the school started paying attention to her.

Luke Emerald was the epitome of every girl’s dream soulmate. He was rich, smart, athletic, a gentleman and with a mixture of cocky. He had always held an interest toward Audrey and only three months before graduation did he decide to make a move towards her.

As their love story unfold and as graduation day come, Audrey was not given the chance to make a choice to whether bring Luke to her awaited future or leave him and never turn back.

Would they meet in the future and be able to heal the break that time had made or will their story be forever considered as a highschool love story gone wrong?

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